harvid - HTTP Ardour Video Daemon

harvid decodes still images from movie files and serves them via HTTP.


harvid's intended use-case is to efficiently provide frame-accurate data and act as second level cache for rendering the video-timeline in Ardour, but it is not limited to that: it has applications for any task that requires a high-performance frame-accurate online image extraction processor.

For more information please see the readme file or read the manual page which is included with the software.


The latest version is v0.9.1, released on Sat, 31 Dec 2022 21:35:19 +0100 (ChangeLog).

See the github repository page for source-code checkout options.


When used with Ardour, Ardour will automatically start the server when you open a video. You can also launch harvid manually. In either case it will by default listen for requests on http://localhost:1554/ and you can interact with it using any web-browser.

Issue Tracker

Please report bugs using the github issue tracker.

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